Drabble: Friday Night Dinner
Title: Friday Night Dinner
Characters/Pairing: Quinn, Blaine, Kurt (Quinn/Finn and Kurt/Blaine)
Rating: G
Word Count: ~620
Summary: Quinn and Blaine are invited to Friday Night Dinner. Panic ensues.

Notes: Just a tiny little something to break myself out of my writer's block.

Nothing is scarier than an overprotective parent.Collapse )

"The Only Straight I Am is Straight Up Bitch"
Or, the one where I question for the millionth time why Will is allowed near students (and women).

Spoilers for 2.18 and promo for 2.19Collapse )

I'm sure there is so much more, but I'm weary. So, I'm just going to go play around tumblr and look at pretty gifs. :D

"So Trying to Remember His Name Right Now"
Or the one in which Mike does a strip tease for Kurt and Blaine. What? That's totally how my brain remembers that scene. *flings tie*

Spoilers for 2.17 and promo for 2.18Collapse )

Hiatus is over. Bring on the 90-minute episode!


EDITED for gif fail.

Little Bits of Random
1) So I finally caved and got myself one of those newfangled Tumblrs the kids are so crazy for. I still find it foreign and confusing, which should at least be entertaining to anyone who should wish to follow me. It has thus far provided an ideal outlet for venting my rage, while at the same time exposing me to infinitely more things that make me rage. So... yeah.

2) Conversation with my bff about Glee last night:
BFF: They should just get rid of Tina. They aren't using her at all.
Me: *instant hang up*

He's in serious, serious trouble. I may not let him have his Glee Live ticket.

3) Spoilers for upcoming guest starCollapse )

4) Epic writers block is epic. I literally can't write anything. I've tried to start so many different stories with so many different pairings and nothing is working. :(

5) I hate April Fool's Day because I'm really really dim and I always fall for the things that I really want to be true. So, if any fake spoilers about Mike getting a storyline come up today, I may actually burn the internet to the ground.

Happy Friday!

Pointless GIF Post is Pointless
GIF from April Glee PreviewCollapse )

New Lulzy Blaine headcanon
So, I'm stuck on the couch rewatching Glee episodes and I got to BIOTA.

I had a thought that I haven't seen brought up anywhere before (but maybe I just missed it amid my dodging all the fandom shadiness about the episode and I am way, way late to the party), but now I'm deeply, deeply invested in it being true.

When Rachel picks up her phone to dial Blaine to ask him out, she has a flowery little notecard with Blaine's phone number on it. Am I justified in my new headcanon that Blaine actually wrote her a "Thank You" card for inviting him to the party that included his contact information (that he presumably brought with him because otherwise when could he have given it to her!)?

Because this might be my favoritist thing Blaine has ever done in history if so. IDKY it amuses me so much, but it really, really does.

Also, I may have fever, so ignore me.

FU, too Spring. :(
So, I go crazy biking and running during the first two days of sunshine and end up with both a (re-)sprained ankle AND the flu.

And it's getting cold again. Whine, gripe, moan, blergh.

Then I have to sit and watch BOTH UNC AND Duke fucking win in nailbiters they would have lost if they weren't playing in fucking CHARLOTTE and getting the typical biased calls from the refs. UGH. FU, North Carolina.

Here's hoping my Illini can pull it out tonight against Kansas or today will be an official waste.

Since no one actually cares about my boring life, here are a few random Glee thoughts:

Thoughts on 2.16 and speculation beyondCollapse )


Baseless Speculation
So, does anyone else remember a rumor floating around a while ago that Speculation based on unconfirmed Glee rumor and an actually confirmed spoilerCollapse )

Hiatus, look what you have reduced me to. :/

Random Thoughts for the day
1) Trying to jot down fic ideas with NCAA basketball on in the background makes me want to write a fic about Blaine's passionate distaste for basketball. Because he's a shortie. Kurt may at some point suggest he sing Skee-Lo's "I Wish" to work through his ~feelings. Santana will just make lots and lots of short jokes.

2) Speaking of basketball, GO HAMPTON! :D

3) And because I can't stop staring (TY, Shauna, bb!) Spoiler gif from 2.16Collapse )

4) Both wary and optimistic about these spoilers for the final 6Collapse )

ETA: 5) Thinking about a particular spoiler from Paley, Music SpoilerCollapse )

I think that's it. Two days down, twenty-six more, right? :P

So, as fantastic as all the stuff coming out of Paley was, this video of Jenna talking about Mike and Tina has to be one of the saddest things I've seen.

Seriously, are you listening, RIB? They've been together all season and this is ALL SHE HAS TO SAY ABOUT THEM. Ugh. So fucking bitter right now. :(


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