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Of Girlfriends, Hypocrisy, and Burt Mother Fucking Hummel
First, I should apologize for never getting around to the ranty half of my recap for Asian F. I really couldn't make myself write it because everything surrounding Mercedes' storyline still makes me want to burn everything to the ground.

So... let's just move on.

Before anything, I have to say one thing:


Fucking finally. I'll admit that it was a little anti-climactic how it unfolded, but I'm actually okay with that. It felt like a natural progression for them (even though it seems like Brittany's campaign has made her want to be in the closet as well??? I didn't quite understand that bit.)

As many issues as I have with Brittany/Santana (and I will discuss the ones that came up in this episode below), I'm so fucking happy to see them together and happy and natural. The fact that they love each other is undeniable and I'm happy to see them evolve from a cheap joke to a genuinely loving couple.

Okay, now back to the episode. The problems:


2) FUCKING SHELBY IS STILL ON MY TV SCREEN BEING A HORRIBLE PERSON: Ugh. I am so fucking ready for Idina to be gone (and I hate saying that about Idina, I really, really do). There is NOTHING redeeming about this character and every effort they make to humanize her just makes her selfishness and irresponsibility that much more painfully obvious.

3) Puck/Shelby: BAD GLEE. NO COOKIE. Ugh. I hate this so fucking much for so many reasons.
a) Shelby and Quinn are both being thrown under the bus for the sake of taking Puck's character back to his season 1 roots and giving him character development THAT COMPLETELY IGNORES THE FANTASTIC FUCKING JOB THEY DID DEVELOPING HIS CHARACTER LAST SEASON. It's like we are suppose to forget everything and redefine Puck by his relationship with Beth because that is what he needs to be sympathetic. It's crass and emotionally manipulative and at the end of the day is nothing but superficial because they aren't going to devote enough screentime and attention to why Beth is so important to Puck.
b) Shelby is once again failing to establish boundaries in Beth's life and allowing her own selfishness to outweigh the possible consequences for her daughter (not to mention Rachel, but we know how few fucks Shelby gives about Rachel).

Ugh, I just can't with these two. Which bring me to the next horror:

4) WHY THE FUCK WON'T ANYONE RECOGNIZE HOW NOT OKAY QUINN IS? It is painful to watch the show destroy everything they did to humanize and give strength to Quinn in Season 1 and Season 2 for the sake of... cheap drama? Turning her into Terri Schuester 2.0? Breaking her down completely so that Puck/Sam/Finn/Will/Some Other Dude Savior can come in to put her back together again? I don't understand it. They had a good idea with Punk!Quinn trying out identities and rejecting the pressures that she struggled with in S1 and S2. Why the fuck did they have to take that and end up with "BABY WILL MAKE ME COMPLETE! MUST HAVE BABY! BABY BABY BABY!"

5) Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Finn: So fucking sick of this show making Finn the douchiest douche who ever did douche and then trying to magically handwave it away by claiming he had good intentions. Fuck that.

a) I like the whole Blaine-Finn conflict in theory, but the execution of it places Blaine so firmly in the right and Finn so firmly in the wrong that I find it nothing but annoying.
b) Finn only cares about Brittany's naivety when he can't use it to his own advantage. He is complicit with Rory's gross plans to trick Brittany into sleeping with him but when it becomes a threat to the Glee Club, he steps in. Stay classy, Hudson.
c) Rory confesses to him how lonely he is and Finn offers to be his friend... at a price. ASSSSSSSSSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE.
d) "So what if the play is canceled?" Hi, Finn. Have you met your girlfriend? Her name is Rachel.

It is so freaking hard to like Finn anymore. I'm really sick of it because I used to love him so, so much.

6) Rory: Duncurr. Almost fell asleep during both songs. Gross and creepy toward Brittany. Also, I don't take kindly to being so blatantly emotionally manipulated into caring about a random nobody who just showed up.

7) Oh look, another thing we can make Brittany believe so that people can laugh at her, insult her, and manipulate her with no consequence! The leprechaun thing was as bad at the magic comb and the Santa storylines. There are ways to make Brittany funny and charming and sweetly naive without infantalizing her and making every single relationship she has problematic.

8) Santana: While I understand why they needed Santana to use Blaine's number to express her dissatisfaction with the way the Glee Club runs, I'm getting really tired of the buck stopping everywhere but at Will and for these legitimate criticisms about solo selection being draped in selfishness and bad behavior.

Also, I hated how Santana talked about Brittany to Mercedes (she needs to help her cross the street? WTAF?) and how she used the leprechaun thing to manipulate Brittany without having Brittany call her out on it as well as Rory.

Finally, I didn't like the scene with Sugar. I get that it needed to happen narratively and that Shelby is too useless to expect to intervene, but the way it played out felt like Santana using her social power and even a bit of physical threat to intimidate Sugar. It just made me uncomfortable.

I'm sure there was more, but I'll just move on to the good stuff. Changdar report:

9) Mike and Tina are the heart of the fucking Glee Club. Tina crying for Mercedes and Mike pointing out all the empty chairs ;_____________________________; They just have so many feelings about Glee Club.

10) Mike comforting Tina. Flawless boyfriend remains flawless.

11) I like that Mike seemed a little bit snippy to Rachel when he pointed out that Sue cut the funding. I like to think that he was a bit pissed at her making it about herself when there are other people for whom it was important.


13) I would have liked to see more of Mike's yellow pants during Rory's second song.

I'm hoping that we will get a bit more Mike next episode, given that his mom at least is confirmed to be back and they are doing all the WSS stuff!

The rest of the good:

14) BURT HUMMEL FOR CONGRESS: I'll admit, I still think this storyline is a bit stale, but I loved every minute that Burt and Sue shared screentime. *____________________* Burt's corner was the best of things and makes me want him to be real so that I can bone.. I mean, marry him.

15) HUDMELS!!!! I loved seeing all for of them together. I loved Kurt being concerned about Burt's health and Burt and Carole being adorable and excited. The only thing that bothered me was how little Burt seemed to know about Finn's future plans and what seemed like a little dig at him when he said Finn would be "technically an adult." It felt weird an OOC for Burt.

16) Candyman: I really don't like the song itself or it as a choice to introduce this awesome girl group, but the performance, choreography and styling was flawless.

17) The moment during Rory's second song which I can't bother to remember the name of when Kurt, Tina, and Artie wave to Mercedes ;_____________________;

18) No Wemma. Always a highlight.

That's all I've got for now. Overall, it was an underwhelming episode with more stories I didn't care about than those I did.

Promo for next week:

19) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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a) I like the whole Blaine-Finn conflict in theory, but the execution of it places Blaine so firmly in the right and Finn so firmly in the wrong that I find it nothing but annoying.

Even if you are right in everything you said about Finn, at the end of the day, I still like Finn!... but I don't like Blaine anymore. The more I know him, the more I dislike him and I don't even know why, because I liked him when he was at Dalton.

The only thing that bothered me was how little Burt seemed to know about Finn's future plans and what seemed like a little dig at him when he said Finn would be "technically an adult."

Burt I can understand. It took years for Kurt and Burt to have the relationship they have. You have to go to Burt and talk to him if you want him to know stuff. Carol, on the other hand, surprised me.

IDK, I sort of feel like Finn's future plans would be something that had come up as a family at some point. Obviously Burt had discussed Finn taking on work at the shop, so I don't see how that wouldn't have come up at some point, just for Burt to gauge his interest.

I think the "technically an adult thing" was the major issue though. It was a blatant dig at Finn's maturity and I didn't understand why they went there.

I want to like Finn. I just don't understand why the writers are writing him this way. It is so consistently awful that it has to be intentional. I can only hope that, like with Quinn, it is actually going somewhere this season.

IL Blaine, but well-intentioned failbots are my kryptonite, so it was inevitable that I would.

I think "underwhelming" sounds just about right. :)

As always, you manage to put my frustrations into words so well that I can sit back and say "This. THIS." I loved the character development we saw with Puck last year -- subtle, woven throughout the season, and not forced on us. I just felt like there were these wonderful moments where I said, "Hey! That was pretty awesome. I doubt S1 Puck would do that." Now? Whatever. We're going to rewind back to the beginning and try it again. Finn and Quinn are starting to give me whiplash with how back and forth their characters are. Like you, I'd like to think that the writers have an eventual point to this seeming character assassination....

...I just have a sinking suspicion that they don't.

And while this would normally infuriate me, or at least make me eyeroll so very, very hard, I'm still in my happy state of zen from my "I love the fandom so much, even if I don't always love the show" epiphany. If RIB don't explain this character weirdness, I'll be surfing through fanfic and and fan discussions, looking for the fanon reasons that canon doesn't always provide. I don't care if it's not "legit." It makes my brain happy. :)

(On a random note, I was processing the newest issue of GQ to set out in the stacks when I stumbled across the Harry fashion spread and immediately wanted to pm you to ask if you've seen it. SO HAVE YOU SEEN IT? I figure it will make some Mike / Harry fans very, very happy.)

I too can't imagine Mike calling Brittany stupid or an idiot (ditto with Blaine or even Sam). That line from Brittany has only been used twice (last episode and Rumours) but it's getting very very tiresome.

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