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Masterlist of Glee Fic

Give Me an "M" [aka The "Cheerio!Mike" fic, PG]
If he's going to be a cliché, he might as well be a National Champion cliché.

Lessons Never Learned [BAMF!Emma, Clueless!Will, G]
Will misses something important. Emma sets him straight.

Pink Elephants Never Forget [Kurt-Blaine friendship, mentions of Kurt/Jeremiah and Mike/Blaine, G]
There are just some things that a good friend will always be there to help you remember.

Friday Night Dinner [Blaine-Quinn friendship, G]
Quinn and Blaine are invited to Friday Night Dinner at the Hudson-Hummel house. Panic ensues.


M&M Verse
Mike and the Mechanics: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
After bringing his car to Hummel's Tire and Lube, Mike Chang begins to see Kurt Hummel in a new light. Kurt is similarly affected.
Four Conversations about One Thing [PG]
Various people's thoughts on Kurt and Mike's relationship.
He is Heavy (But I Suppose He's My Brother) [Kurt-Finn brotherhood, PG-13]
Finn is the world's most frustrating cockblock.
Better Than Ice Cream [PG, mention of eating disorders]
Mike enjoys his dessert. Kurt enjoys his Mike.
Willful Blindess [Clueless!Will, PG]
Five times Will should have realized that Mike and Kurt are dating, but didn't, and one time he can't ignore it.
Negotiations [Missing scene from "Willful Blindness," Puck, PG]
Mike and Kurt are sneaky. Puck gets paid.
Revelations (Part 1) [PG-13]
Mike's parents find out. It goes about as well as expected.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand [PG]
The one thing that Kurt has not properly anticipated is the power the city apparently has to transform his typically shy and to this point flawlessly discreet boyfriend into an overly affectionate hybrid of a puppy and an octopus almost the second the Glee Club's flight touches down on the runway at JFK.

Caught [R, for violence]
Sometimes he can't quite shake the feeling that Mike is hiding something. That there's a deeper reason why, when Kurt asks questions about his home life or how he thinks his parents will react when they do find out, Mike's normally open and expressive face shuts down almost completely.


Thaw Series
Thaw [Kurt-Mike friendship, G]
Kurt performs. Mike applauds. Blaine amuses himself.
Just Dance [Kurt-Mike friendship, PG]
Kurt, Blaine, and Mike attend a party. Photographic evidence is taken for posterity.
Homecoming [also Mike/Tina, PG]
In which Kurt and Mike commiserate, Tina and Blaine really hate the BCS, and Santana just wants her Breadstix.

Three Little Words: Part 1 | Part 2 [PG-13]
Loving comes entirely too easily to Kurt Hummel. Blaine Anderson tends to make it really, really difficult.

Trials By Fire [PG-13]
Blaine never thought that transferring to William McKinley High School would be easy. He just didn't expect Kurt's reaction to be the hardest part.

Peanut Gallery [pre-slash, PG]
Kurt and Blaine watch New Directions perform at Sectionals. Will is annoyed.

Show Choir 101 [pre-slash, G]
Kurt didn't mean to snort so loudly. Honest. It's just, well, Blaine shouldn't make such hilarious jokes if he doesn't want Kurt disrupting rehearsal with his laughter.

Just One of the Girls [Blaine-ND girls friendship, PG]
It's not that Blaine is afraid of Kurt's friends. It's just that he's never been invited to a “Girl's Night” before.


Stumbling in Love [PG]
Mike Chang is shy. And an idiot. Blaine Anderson is just an idiot.


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