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Of Girlfriends, Hypocrisy, and Burt Mother Fucking Hummel
First, I should apologize for never getting around to the ranty half of my recap for Asian F. I really couldn't make myself write it because everything surrounding Mercedes' storyline still makes me want to burn everything to the ground.

So... let's just move on.

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"It's What I Love To Do. It's Never Going To Be a Waste of My Time." (Asian F, Part 1)
As I told a friend over on Tumblr, I have been struggling to get this recap written, mostly because the episode has me vacillating wildly between squealing in fangirl delight and wanting to dickpunch Ian Brennan into eternity.

But at the end of the day, IT'S THE MIKE CHANG SHOW AND I CANNOT EVEN BE MAD. THIS IS PART 1. The dickpunching will follow in part 2.

Spoilers for 3.03 and discussion of future storylinesCollapse )

And I legitimately can't think of anything else that I loved unequivocally in this episode, so I'll close Part 1 here. Part 2 to follow, in which I rant until ranting goes out of style.

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Many Days Late and Many Dollars Short
I debated writing my thoughts on “I Am Unicorn” up because I'm already way late to the party and massively behind on spoilers due to illness and I have a lot of mixed feelings about this episode that may shift with the direction that the story is headed.

But, these recaps are nothing if not catharsis through which to expel my frustrations with this stupid show, so I'm gonna go ahead and do it anyway.

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I haven't expressed my thoughts on certain other spoilers around, but I welcome rational discussion of it here. I'm not going near it on Tumblr because my head might explode from rage at the fake activist outrage.

“Get ready to taste some sweet ear candy”
Or, HIATUS IS OVER. Time to revive my LJ with my thoughts on the Purple Piano Project.

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Ficlet: Failure to Communicate (Kurt/Blaine)
Title: Failure to Communicate
Character/Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: G
SPOILERS: reference to recent season 3 speculation
Word Count: ~1400
Summary: As the end of the school year approaches, Blaine tries to figure out why Kurt has been growing increasingly distant.

Notes: Ryan Murphy is a troll.

Blaine will be the first (or possibly second after Kurt) to admit that he’s not always the most observant person in the world. But even Blaine can’t help noticing the tension that’s arisen between he and Kurt over the past few weeks.Collapse )

FIC: Just One of the Girls (Kurt/Blaine, Blaine-ND Girls)
Title: Just One of the Girls
Character/Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, ensemble (Blaine-ND girls friendships)
Rating: PG
SPOILERS: Through 2.20
Word Count: 6582
Summary: It's not that Blaine is afraid of Kurt's friends. It's just that he's never been invited to a “Girl's Night” before.

Notes: Originally posted as part of the Blaine Exchange at beyond_dapper. This story takes place some nebulous time between “Born This Way” and “Prom Queen.” My deepest thanks to kaitybear and alter_alterego for their fantastic, last minute beta work and feedback.

The one where Blaine gives up and lets himself be assimilated.Collapse )

"Do you think they know?" "I don't think anybody knows."
Or, the one in which stuff apparently happened before the last 5 minutes, but you couldn't prove it by me.

(Note: For anyone who may be wondering, I skipped over my recap last week (which really would have just been me describing an endless parade of eyerolls) to finish a fic for the Blaine Exchange over at beyond_dapper. Fics are now posting, so check them out. /shameless self-promotion)

Spoilers for 2.22 and general flaily thoughts about the seasonCollapse )

"Let's Do 'Run, Joey, Run'"
Or, the one in which I fucking ship Sam/Mercedes like it's my job. And yeah, some other majorly awesome shit went down.

Spoilers for 2.20 and promo for 2.21/2.22Collapse )

Okay, off to watch just one more time. Thoughts?

"Santana Told Me Never to Speak Alone With You Because You Would Try to Steal All My Gold"
Or the one in which RIB finally successfully cram Sam down my throat.

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